Thursday, January 3, 2013

AOKP Releases First Android 4.2 Build

The AOKP team has released their, much anticipated, first Android 4.2 build but it's not what you are expecting.

Team AOKP has decided to start from scratch with their Android 4.2 builds, so as of right now AOKP isn't quite the feature packed rom we all know and love. Device support is also currently limited to the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7 the team said they were concentrating on a stable rom rather than porting for a huge range of devices at the moment.

Download AOKP Android 4.2 M1 to see if it's still the your rom of choice.

A full wipe is required when flashing this rom, so if you decide to dirty flash don't complain on forums that things aren't working correctly for you, and make sure you have to most up-to-date version of Clockworkmod or TWRP.

What are your thoughts on the newest version of AOKP? Is it what you expected?

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